Nuove opportunità di parternariato dall’Europa

Offerte e Richieste di Tecnologie e di Business Cooperation

Title POD Reference Summary Type and Role of Partner Sought Deadline Date (month/day)
BR French SME laying soft cast floor mats looking for supplier of rubber granulates BRPL20170518001 A French SME designing and manufacturing outdoor children and sports playgrounds made of soft cast floor mats using ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) granulates is looking for new suppliers of such granulates with full guarantee on their low environmental impact. It is interested by an outsourcing agreement. Type : industrial supplier of EDPM granulates. Role : supplying the materials according to the specification with guarantees and/or certificate on their full compliance with environmental rules. 6/2/2019
BO A Polish company is offering to become a distributor of high quality antistatic/ESD (Electric Discharge) workwear on the Polish market BRPL20180521001 A Polish company is looking for foreign producers of antistatic/ESD (Electric Discharge) clothing interested in entering the Polish market with their products. Company is offering cooperation under distribution and commercial agency agreements. The company is looking for producers of high quality antistatic workwear from any foreign country. Products should be produced according to EN 61340 or EN 1149 standards. 6/8/2019
BR Greek IT company looking for wi-fi products or services with competitive advantages for representing them in the Greek market BRGR20180525001 A small Greek IT company is interested to enter the commercial market of the country with Wi-fi products or services. These should have competitive advantages. The company is open to examine proposals from abroad for various types of products or services as long as these would have high market prospects, customers acceptance and extending the client’s needs. The partnership sought is distribution services agreement.
The Greek company is looking for products or services of other companies for a distribution services agreement. The Greek company will distribute the product or service to the Greek market.
BO Spanish company dedicated to the distribution of medical instruments and equipments looks for European manufacturing companies of first brand medical and sanitary instruments. BRES20171207001 The company is a small-sized firm located in northern Spain, dedicated to the distribution of all kind of medical and sanitary instruments and related material. In order to expand their business, they look for European partners which could be companies that manufacture first brand medical instruments and/or fungibles. The company is very flexible and has experience in this field of activity. The Spanish company could act as sole distributor or agent/representative in Spain. The company looks for European manufacturers of first brand medical instruments and/or fungibles that would like to introduce their products in Spain, in order to reach distribution and/or agency agreement. All products to be distributed in Spain must be approved or certified in Europe, and in accordance with European regulation. 1/16/2019
TR Determination of steroid hormones in river waters TORO20180523001 A Romanian research institute, active in the research and development of new methods in the analytical chemistry field, has developed a method for the determination of steroid hormones (estrone and β-estradiol) in water samples from rivers, with useful applications in environmental protection and bio-agriculture. The institute is looking for partners to conclude commercial agreements with technical assistance (engineering and technical assistance). The institute is looking for partners to conclude commercial agreements with technical assistance (engineering and technical assistance). Type of partner sought:
• Environmental analysis laboratories accredited in water testing and analysis, interested to use the method for monitoring steroid hormones in river waters.
• Water polluting SMEs /large companies, active in different fields of activity, that have to comply with the legislation in force regarding the admissible water pollution levels.
In the commercial agreement with technical assistance, the sought partner is expected to implement the method for the determination of steroid hormones. The Romanian Institute will support the partner with technical consultancy regarding the use of appropriate equipment and/or its purchase as well as with the know-how transfer of the method and staff training.
BO UK company seeks manufacturing agreement with supplier of flexible printed bags for food products BRUK20180129001 A UK packaging designer for the food retail sector is looking to outsource the manufacturing and is seeking a partner to supply them with printed flexible packaging materials for meat products.  Specifically they are looking for a supplier of white printable oxo-biodegradable packaging for regular fulfillment to technical specification to be provided. The UK company is seeking a manufacturing agreement with a partner who could supply the printed flexible bags. The partner would be supplying large quantity of printed flexible packaging bags. The materials has to meet the technical specifications. 02/06/2019
BO Leading Swedish distributor is looking for organic/eco friendly brands within baby/child products to introduce on the Swedish market BRSE20180118001 A Swedish company specialized in distribution, sales and marketing activities with variety of products, is offering its services as a trade intermediary to producers of ecological and organic baby/child products wishing to enter the Swedish market. The company is offering distribution and commercial agency agreements to widen their portfolio of products.  The company offers distribution representation to producers and manufacturers of organic baby/child products interested in entering the Swedish market.  The potential partners are international companies who want to launch their products and to develop partnerships in the Swedish market. The Swedish company is expecting high quality products and timely deliveries. The client is interested in establishing long-term cooperation with business partners. Depending on the company and the product, the company is open to either commercial agreement or distribution agreement. 31/01/2019
TR Scottish (UK) SME looking for Silicone manufacturers who offer a fully completed product service under a manufacturing agreement TRUK20180529001 The company is looking for a silicone manufacturer who can provide a fully assembled product. The SME sell over 100,000 units a year currently to the nursery and special needs markets. Cooperation is envisioned under a manufacturing agreement or a technical cooperation agreement The company is looking for partners with who can manufacture their existing silicone items and have the ability to make new moulds, and prototypes to bring to production in a fully assembled way. An ability to co-mould with other materials for future planned products under a technical cooperation agreement or manufacturing agreement would also be beneficial. The SME currently produce between 30 and 50,000 units a quarter and would be looking to increase the orders at a later date so the manufacturer must be able to accommodate these volumes. 6/8/2019


Offerte di cooperazione per la partecipazione a progetti a valere su Bandi EU

R&D A Spanish public hospital is looking for partners for submitting a proposal to the call H2020-SC1-BHC-10-2019: Innovation Procurement: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for routine diagnosis. RDES20180510001 Public procurers and experts in NGS, genomics, ethics and data protection in the field of haematology and oncology are sought for developing personalised medicine solutions and scale-up demand driven innovation for healthcare systems. The project has duration of 192 weeks. Partner Sought:

• Public Procurers: Health Services, Hospitals, etc. with interests in NGS in the field of hematology and oncology.

•Technical expert: Bioinformatics

• Research institute: NGS, genomics domain

• Legal advisors experts in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPL)

• Communication Office: expertise in healthcare domain

• Procurement advisor: specialists in Public Procurement of Innovation

• Ethical expert: patient rights


Deadlines for the call and expressions of interest are 16th April 2019 and 30th September 2018, respectively.
R&D UK SME seeks partners for proposal to Innovate UK Open Round 5 or 6, to develop a high-efficiency uncooled combustion engine RDUK20180411002 UK London based SME is developing uncooled internal combustion engines (ICEs) for all hybrid applications and fuels, including hydrogen. The piston/cylinder assembly is being manufactured from structural ceramics. Around one third of fuel energy is currently dissipated in cooling systems – this waste is eliminated. Partners are sought with experience in fuel delivery systems, ceramic materials,  turbocharging and exhaust energy recovery for an application to Innovate UK Open Round 5 or  6.  The UK SME is looking for partners, either industrial or academic, in order to do the following within the project under a research cooperation agreement. Expertise of partners sought:

•   Fuel delivery, combustion and emissions: Design liquid/gaseous fuel delivery systems, determine air/fuel mixing and combustion characteristics, design emissions control systems;

•  Ceramic materials manufacture and testing: Select optimum ceramic material/composition for piston/cylinder assembly, evaluate feasibility for volume production;

•  Turbocharging: Design/select turbocharger capable of operating with exhaust gas temperatures of ~1000°C;

•  Heat recovery: Design/select exhaust gas energy recovery system capable of above operating conditions;

•  Motor-Generator Units: Design/select appropriate motor-generator unit to be driven in series by engine.

Deadline for EOIs: 02 July 2018. Call deadline: 09 September 2018.
R&D Horizon 2020/ MSCA: Researcher in optoelectronics /photonic sought RDDE20180509001 A German precision engineering company is looking for a researcher in optoelectronics/ photonic with technical skills for the development of remote sensing devices to detect the speed of particles and objects based on the companies patented core technology. The aim is to commonly apply for a MSCA Individual Fellowship grant under Horizon 2020 (MSCA-IF-2018). The call has a single evaluation scheme. The anticipated duration of the project is 24 months, but an extended collaboration with the researcher is very wished after the end of the project. Researcher with an academic degree / university graduate / MD or PHD in the field of physics / optics / optoelectronics / measurement technology / signal processing with technical skills related to device development and tool building are sought. The objective of the innovation project is to develop, optimize and adjust the core technology to offer multiple sensors and related services to different industries The deadline for expressions of interest is the 12th of July 2018, as the German company is planning to submit the proposal at the cut-off date of the 12th of September 2018.